Changing the color of your eyes can change your life !
Cat Eye Contact Lenses
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The new unusual fashion fancy lenses, are cat eye lenses giving a very special look. You either like it or hate it, but one thing is certain: impossible to go unnoticed with cat eye lenses regardless of color. They completely transform your eyes and provide a very special feline look. You want to provide a feline or starry surprise your entourage, choose contact lenses adapted to your desires.
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Cat eyes pics
Kitty is wild. You have the head of a cat in the lens. The lenses will cover your  natural eyes and will transform your pupils into a silhouette of a cat.

The terror black cat contact lenses let you unleash your inner feline while  providing you with classic lenses that entirely whites out your eye color. Your  pupil is transformed into a new cat eye look.
One of the styles we find most attractive is the white leopard crazy lenses. These  stylish lenses have white and black leopard print, which really defines your eyes and stands out in a crowd. The novelty are designed to offer comfort wear and provide moisture to the eyes.